What are the early signs of diabetes-

Know what are early signs of diabetes-

What are the early signs of diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic and long-lasting disease, There could be many early signs of diabetes. When a patient has high blood sugar then he is considered to be a diabetic. There are two types of diabetes mainly Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes usually comes in children and in type 1 diabetes our pancreas does not produce any insulin. But Type 2 diabetes conditions are different, Type 2 diabetes most happens in adults of age above 30. There could be many reasons for having diabetes.

When the blood sugar is high and the glucose present in our blood does not enter into the cells and does not convert into energy then a person considers being a diabetic. There could be many complications if you are a diabetic patient and do not take care on time. Here we are explaining some early signs and symptoms of diabetes. So if any person has diabetes at an early stage then you can diagnose it by following these early signs of diabetes.

These are 8 early signs of diabetes-

  1. Frequent Urination

If you have frequent urination then there could be the symptoms of diabetes and this is the early sign of diabetes because when the blood sugar in your body is too high and it won’t convert into energy then it passes through urination. This can also result in body weakness and access loss of water from the body. When there is more water loss it can lead to dehydration and can have more thrust.

  1. Frequent Hunger

People with diabetes have frequent hunger because when they eat food, their digestive system breaks down it into glucose is the main source of energy in the human body, but the glucose produced in the body does not convert into energy. That’s why diabetes patients do not get enough energy from the food that they eat. This is the reason that they have frequent hunger.

  1. Blurred Vision

The blurred vision condition also happens to diabetes patients it is due to the presence of high sugar levels in the blood. When the blood sugar level is high, It can produce severe damage to tiny blood vessels present in the eyes and even sometime it could result in loss of eyesight. High blood sugar levels can lead to swelling of the eyes or if any patient goes without treatment for diabetes that this could lead to loss of eyesight.

  1. Fatigue or tiredness

Patients with diabetes always feel fatigued or tired because the food they eat produces glucose but this glucose is not converted into energy due to insufficient insulin or the insulin is not used efficiently. The glucose produced by the food you eat does not enter the cells and the glucose level increase in your blood. When the glucose is not used properly in our body then there is a lack of energy patients experience.

  1. Unexplained weight loss

Patients with diabetes may experience unexplained weight loss because the food they eat is converted to small sugar or glucose but is not used efficiently by their body and the glucose present in our body flow out through urination. That’s why patients with diabetes may experience weight loss problems.

  1. Slow healing of injuries

Diabetes patients wound takes a long time to heal because the high sugar level in their bloodstream affects the circulation of blood in their body. High blood sugar also causes nerve damage and affects blood vessels which is the reason that patients with diabetes always long time to cure their cuts and wounds.

  1. Numbness

patients with diabetes can have numbness in their bodies because high blood sugar level causes damage to blood vessels and nerve system and affects blood circulation in the body. When there is no proper blood circulation in your body you may feel numbness in your body. This condition is also called neuropathy, the condition could be more serious if not taken proper treatment on time.

  1. sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person does not get enough or proper sleep. This could happen when a diabetes patient is having high blood sugar level which could lead to uneasiness and the Patient may experience restlessness and can not have proper sleep until the blood sugar level does not comes to a normal range.

What is the importance of early diagnosis of diabetes –

If diabetes is recognised at an early stage then the patient can get treatment at right time but If the patient gets treatment at right time. He can manage his diabetes and can have a better life. But if you do not recognize diabetes at the right time then the conditions can be worse and you can have different diabetes complications, a diabetic also can have life-threatening conditions. Here we are discussing some of the major diabetes complications which can be very serious for your health.

  1. Nerve damage
  1. Stroke
  1. Kidney failure
  1. foot problem
  1. Loss of vision
  1. Sexual problem
  1. Heart attack

It is very important for diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels under control because If you do not take precautions on time then there could be severe health damage.

What are the factors for type 2 diabetes-

There could be many factors which can lead to type 2 diabetes-like…

  1. Depression
  1. Obesity
  1. Unhealthy Food
  1. Genetic diabetes history
  1. Living a sedentary lifestyle
  1. Having Prediabetes

Depression and obesity are considered to be one of the most significant factors which could lead to diabetes if a person has more stress can have more chances of being a diabetic.

11 ways to control diabetes-

There are many ways to control blood sugar level
Here we are going to discuss some important factors that can help you to control your diabetes.

  1. Exercise regularly
  1. Take healthy diet
  1. Eat more fibre
  1. Choose food with the low glycemic index
  1. Take adequate water to keep you hydrated
  1. Manage your stress
  1. Take medicine on time
  1. Regular monitor blood sugar
  1. Take adequate sleep
  1. Have a hb1ac test
  1. Make your daily routine care