Some Best And Worst Food For Diabetes

These are some best and worst food for diabetes

Best And Worst Food For  Diabetes

Here is a list of some best and worst foods

If you are a diabetic, you should choose your food precisely because your food matters a lot to manage your sugar level. Some food considers good to eat while some food can spike your sugar level instantly. Food plays an important role in your diabetes, if you are a diabetic then keep in mind to eat the right diet. When you eat the worst food it directly spikes your blood sugar level and does not even provide nutrition to the body.


If you are a diabetic then you should add vegetables to your diet because vegetables contain high fibre and very less fat, which digest slowly and even does not spike your blood sugar, vegetables can be considered good food for diabetes. Keep in mind Potatoes and Corn consider carbs which are the worst food for diabetics.

Best Vegetables

  • You can add fresh vegetables, raw or steamed
  • Green vegetables like spinach, arugula and kale
  • Vegetables with low sodium
  • if you are diabetic you can even go for amla, bitter gourd (Karela), and ash gourd to manage your sugar level
  • Prefer to eat different colour vegetables

Worst Vegetables

  • Avoid eating vegetables with high sodium
  • Do not eat overcooked food
  • Do not eat food that contains high butter, cheese or oil
  • Avoid vegetables with high starch


If you are a diabetic then you can add fruits to your diet because fruits contain high fibre, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates which are essential for our body. But not all fruits because some fruits contain high sugar and carbs which is not good for diabetics. It may spike your blood sugar level.

Best Fruits

  • Fresh fruits
  • Avoid fruits with sugar
  • Add berries, peaches, apricot, and apple

Worst Fruits

  • Fruits with high Sugar
  • Avoid canned fruits syrup
  • Avoid Regular fruits jam
  • Avoid fruits with a high glycemic index like pineapple, watermelon, mango and banana


Protein is one of the most essential nutrients for our body which can be obtained from different sources veg or non-veg. including chicken, pork, beef, fish, turkey, beans, egg, cheese and nuts etc.

Best Proteins

  • chicken and other poultry products
  • Milk products like cheese and paneer
  • Seafood like fish
  • Plant-based like beans and nuts, lentils
  • Meat with low fat consider being good

Worst Protein

  • Avoid high-fat protein
  • Avoid fried meats
  • Avoid pork bacon
  • Avoid deep-fried fish
  • Avoid food with lard

Fats oils

It is very hard to avoid oil but it is the main factor to gain weight and with the passing of time it becomes very hard to manage diabetes. Consumption of too much oil or oily products can lead to obesity which can increase the chance of type 2 diabetes. All the fats that we consume are not bad such as the fats that are directly obtained from natural sources like vegetable fats, nuts or avocados.

Best Fats

  • Food that gives you omega-3 fatty acids is good for your health such as salmon and tuna fish
  • Oils abstracted from plants like canola and olive oil
  • peanuts oil contains (PUFA) and (MUFA) good for diabetes

Worst Fats

  • Avoid consumption of animal fat at a high level
  • Avoid consuming trans fat because it is not healthy for the heart and may cause many complications
  • Avoid the consumption of refined oil also

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